Abstract Water

Anthesis is the dark, alluring and tragic tale of the sirens who were cursed to kill for eternity.


As an immortal siren, Aglasia grapples with her body’s desire to enchant, kill and feed on men, all while pretending to be human. When the chaotic and secretive siren Rossa forces herself into Aglasia’s life, she reveals she needs help to transform a man into a siren. And though Aglasia has always craved solitude, she finds herself fascinated by this nomad and lends a hand.


But when the risks associated with creating such a powerful creature become life-threatening to Aglasia, Rossa and the innocent man who has become involved, Aglasia must uncover the truth of her past to save those she’s grown to care for, all while resisting her darkest desires.

Coming November 3rd 2022.